The Tesla Model 3 says goodbye to the keys: it will suffice a smartphone

When talking about electric cars, it’s hard not to get Tesla, the company born of the genius of Elon Musk, to revolutionize the automotive industry still anxious to use fossil fuels; The last born, though only 30 of them have been delivered so far, is called Tesla Model 3, and among the many new features that will be brought will also get the goodbye to the keys.

Well, to open, close, turn on and off the new Tesla Model 3 you will not have to have any key, but just your smartphone (and the Tesla app installed); The car takes advantage of Bluetooth LE (low power) technology to recognize your smartphone and perform the operations we usually do with a key.

Tesla will also provide a couple of plastic tiles equipped with NFC chips, which can also be used as a key replacement if needed. The use of the smartphone will allow the Tesla Model 3 to say goodbye to the lock on the door, making the car even more futuristic if possible.

The use of the smartphone instead of the keys may for many be a very comfortable find, since it is increasingly difficult to go home without our beloved device in the pocket; At the same time, however, new fears arise regarding the safety in using these technologies. Do you think so?


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