In Germany, the judicial authority can now intercept messages alone to increase security

Security has become a key aspect for Western governments, especially since the multiplication of terrorist attacks, aimed at keeping private communications in check in order to prevent any dangers.

In this light, the law recently approved by the German parliament must be evaluated and allows police forces to hack the phones of all criminal suspects, regardless of any links with terrorism.

According to Deutsche Welle, the German authorities have not lost time and already have the software needed to hack iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices – it would be solutions that allow you to intercept messages directly to the source and without the need for consensus Of those providing the service (such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Apple).

Probably more and more European countries in the coming months will choose to “sacrifice” a bit of the privacy of their citizens in order to increase the level of general security. And the controversy certainly will not fail.




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