Microsoft begins to timidly bring our smartphones closer to Windows 10

Microsoft is preparing for the arrival of the next major update of Windows 10: the Fall Update Creators. The main novelty of this update is the closeness of Windows 10 smartphones, known as the continuity between devices (which Mac and iPhone owners know well). Microsoft has just published a first application in this sense.

Microsoft released a new preview of the upcoming Windows 10 update. This is a remarkable new version of this beta: the possibility of linking an Android smartphone (iOS will arrive “later”) to Windows 10. Once the Phone recognized by Windows, it is then possible to install an application – Microsoft App – which will allow … to share a web link from its smartphone to its PC. When sending a link from his smartphone to his PC, the latter then automatically opens in his Windows 10 browser.

If you have a Mac and an iPhone at home (or you are a Pushbullet user), I suppose you must have laughed hard at this “advanced” Windows 10. The continuity between the devices is currently one Of the main weaknesses of the Microsoft OS. It is an area that it is trying to improve in recent months and is expected to make major strides with its next update. It was time.



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