The robots stormed Seoul airport

Robots serve not only to satisfy sexual fantasies (which is not without raising important debates). Our robotic friends are also very practical in everyday life.

LG deployed a fleet of robots at Incheon Airport in Seoul, Korea. This is not the first time we hear about these devices that have like a false look of Eve, the robot of Wall-E. The manufacturer had presented them a few months ago, and they had begun to pace the aisles of the airport during a beta test phase.


These five months of life-size testing enabled LG engineers to refine the functionality of their robots and improve their performance. It seems that the last set-ups gave satisfaction, it was time to throw them alone in front of passers-by and passengers … even if these robots continue to be considered in the testing phase.

At the moment, two robots are in service. The first is a guide, the other a robot assigned to cleaning. The first includes four languages (Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) thanks to speech recognition technology developed by LG. This robot can tell where a restaurant is, or accompany travelers in search of their boarding gate.

The cleaning robot knows where the airport’s places are a bit dirty. Undoubtedly one will find it often in the toilet …



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