Dementi: Roomba sucks only dust and no data (at least for the time being)

At the beginning of the week, Roomba vendor iRobot ensured data protection excitement after CEO Colin Angle talked in a press conference that “with the knowledge of his vacuum cleaner bots” a “detailed map of the home” of all Roomba users could be created. The further statements of Angles interpreted the news agency Reuters then in the meantime that iRobot wanted to lift this data treasure and the housing measurements on IoT companies marketed. But iRobot has now clearly denied that a sale of the user data had never been planned, the vacuum cleaner insights should rather be made available to the benefit of all stakeholders, but of course only on explicit customer request. Sounds a little like a back-up, but clearly: why should smart dildo and smart cat cups measure the home, if the vacuum cleaner has already bothered?



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