Huawei: Mate 10 to compete against new iPhone

The Huawei Consumer Business Group is in preparation for the announcement of the new autumn flagship Mate 10. This was announced by Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer division, in conversation with Bloomberg.

While Huawei smartphones are traditionally presented in the spring, a new model of the Mate series usually follows in autumn. The Mate smartphones are usually larger and known for their long run times. In terms of hardware, they go one step further than the P-Series, such as the P9 (test) and Mate 9 (test).


The P10 does not have a Mate offshoot

The P10 (test) is expected to put a new Mate model in September. This is evident from an article by Bloomberg, in which Richard Yu is quoted. The Mate 10 is therefore to be presented approximately at the same time as the new iPhone. And Apple announces new iPhones traditionally in September.

The new iPhone, however, Yu does not make headaches. “We will have an even more powerful product,” Yu said. The Mate 10 is said to offer a much longer battery life and a “full-screen display”, a “quicker changing speed”, better photographic characteristics, and many other features to compete with Apple.

With a full-screen display, Yu probably means a display with particularly narrow edges in the style of the LG G6 (test) or Samsung Galaxy S8 (test). “Quicker changing speed”, however, is probably a write error of Bloomberg and actually means “quicker charging speed”, thus faster charging. Huawei has been campaigning for years with its ever-faster charging technology.


The Huawei CBG is still booming

The Huawei Consumer Business Group sold around 21 percent more smartphones in the first half of 2017 than last year. According to the current annual report, there were 73.01 million units. Huawei predicts 140 to 150 million sold smartphones for the entire year, which would be slightly more than the 139 million units last year. Still, the upturn of Huawei continues, the targeted goal is second place between Apple and Samsung. Currently, Huawei is ranked third in the global ranking with a market share of 9.8 percent.



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