Adups would continue to collect information from millions of Android smartphones

The case exploded last year, when researchers at  Kryptowire , a computer security company, found that Adups software dealing with OTA update management actually contained spyware. In this way, users’ personal data, such as IMEI code, Internet browsing history, voiced calls, and more, were collected.

Although Adups had guaranteed that this was a bug, correct with a patch, it looks like spyware continues to run on several smartphones. Some researchers found tracks on other BLU smartphones, one of the manufacturers initially involved in the affair, but also a Cubot smartphone would have the same problem.

Thus, Adups seems to put the flaw on the “discovered” smartphones while still collecting hidden data on the others. Potentially more than 700 million devices, not just smartphones, but also cars and related devices, would be at risk. According to Kryptowire researchers exposed to spyware, all smartphones with SoC MediaTek marketed under $ 300.

All we have to do is hope for a definitive solution that can put a word to the whole story, even though it has already been shown that with a simple update it is possible for the developer to restore the initial situation.



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