Nokia 3310 as a UMTS version

Nokia 3310 as a 3G version

The new edition of the Nokia 3310 was celebrated on all sides, even if the mobile phone as good as nothing can. So it is with memories, with the nostalgia. Encouraged by the positive feedback, HMD Global is already making a second version. According to Winfuture with support for 3G.

The HMD TA-1036 is being digested by the US regulatory authority FCC. The new phones has exactly the same dimensions as the Nokia 3310, support for 3G is explicitly mentioned, the thing seems to be scratched.

Whether this means that this variant will also be sold in Europe, we have to wait a while. Currently, the Nokia 3310 is not available in the US for a good reason: where the 2G network, which allows maximum data transmission in the EDGE standard, Almost no more. Worse still, the valuable spectrum is urgently needed for other services, AT & T has already switched off this network. To be able to market the Nokia 3310 as at all in the USA, HMD Global needs a 3G version of the mobile phone.



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