Ki ecobe: The modular sneaker in endless design variations


Ki ecobe describes itself as a shoe, which you have to build yourself together, but perhaps Ikea’s modular adjective fits better because there are different structural parts of the shoe that you can order in completely different designs.

At the moment, a kickstart will be added to the shoe, which will be available in December, the sole, the inner lining, the outer and inner sole, shoelaces and can be put together in any way visually.

Thus, e.g. Then have a slipper, a slipper or a kind of sneaker for outside, without having to own other shoes. They fit in the washing machine, require less work on the assembly line, can be broken or worn out for individual parts, are ecologically sensibly repampled again and look obendrein still very original.

Currently, there are Ki ecobe for 79 euros in kickstart. Will be delivered in December. The general financing is already secured.



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