Vodafone: Cheaters use known names for new meshes

Cheaters use Vodafone for new mesh – Cheaters obviously use the well-known name of the network operator Vodafone, to beat consumers with a new mesh over the ear. Customers of the provider should beware of dubious calls.

New fraud on the phone

As the Focus reports, fraudsters are currently using the well-known name Vodafone to put consumers under pressure and to sign the contract. In the present case, a consumer received a call. The caller gave himself as an employee Vodafones and reported that he had to talk to the customer in an important matter.

“The Internet contract of all parties in the house runs over the landlord, I have no direct contact to the telephone provider. But the man knew my name, my handynummer, my address, and even the name of my landlord, “reports the injured party. Supposedly the landlord of the man had not paid the fees for the cable connection already for a longer time, now threatened the deactivation of the cable connection.

Cheaters use Vodafone for new mesh

This disconnection can however be avoided by the caller, if he now decides on the telephone to pay for his cable connection himself. Additional pressure was built up by the caller, telling him that the reactivation of the line is costly, so the man should not decide immediately. In addition, a technician would have to appear again on site.

The continuation of the contract at the expense of the customer should cost 13 euros a month and once 50 euros for the establishment. “I thought that was nonsensical, after all, I already had a connection that worked. But if the man was right, I would have to stay weeks without Internet. I did not want to take the risk. So I finally agreed, “it says.

Deceiver concludes new contract

The caller had tried his luck not only with the man but also other tenants of the house contacted. A demand with Vodafone revealed that a new contract was concluded in the name of the tenant. The caller had also booked Vodafone TV, which did not even talk during the telephone call.

“Vodafone has no information as to the extent to which the new fraud has been applied. It is likely that the fraudsters are contracting parties of the telephone provider, who sell new contracts independently on commission. It is not their job, of course, to impose unnecessary new contracts on the part of Vodafone.

Vodafone spokeswoman Caren Altpeter said:

In cases where sales agents commissioned by us do dubious transactions with our customers, we do not tolerate them and follow them consistently. We have high quality standards, but unfortunately there are always black sheep. We expressly dissociate ourselves from these. Of course, we also have a professional fraud management that constantly checks such irregularities and detects abnormalities. Customers should also contact us if they experience such a case. Your advice helps us to stop further rogue trades and protect our customers.

The unintentional new contract was canceled by Vodafone.

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