The iOS App Store continues to bill more than the Google Play Store and the posting increases

Apple’s App Store has always been a major source of revenue for iOS developers over Android’s work on the Google Play Store. Wanted for higher paid payment prices, or for the more tendency to buy apps from the apple apple users, the trend has not changed even in 2017.

Indeed, the gap between the total revenue of the two stores is still 5% higher than last year, for a total of 95% more than the Play Store. About $ 7 billion is said for the first and $ 3.5 billion for the second, impressive figures and far greater than those of 2016 (more than $ 5 billion and $ 3 billion respectively), but that They must be related to the huge amount of devices in circulation.

As for the total number of downloads of games or apps, as you may expect, the Google Play Store is a boss. Even in this case, posting is net (+ 135% of the Play Store compared to the App Store, with a 30% increase compared to last year’s posting) but it undoubtedly has less impressions, considering that Android is a much more operational system Spread especially in developing countries, where the smartphone market is growing tremendously.

For this reason, according to Annie’s App, who has been working on this interesting report, this trend will continue for quite some time, at least as long as Android and iOS will almost completely disperse the smartphone and tablet market. China is in fact driving the ranking for number of downloads, followed by Russia and India in third place.

Naturally, the ranking only takes into account the Google Play Store and not other alternative stores such as the Amazon App Store, while Annie’s App purchases only considers the money actually spent by users and not any developer revenue gains from advertising.

How do you think? Will Apple’s Apple Store Market ever be reached on Android?




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