EBay started with the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S8 to ensure low-cost

EBay Low Price Guarantee – The Auction Platform eBay offers numerous products from now on with a low price guarantee. The beginning is the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is available for a short time at a bargain price.

EBay Low Price Guarantee

EBay customers now benefit from 15,000 WOW! Offered by a low price guarantee. With this, the auction platform will keep up with well-known competitors and provide its customers with particularly low prices. The offers are available for all customers and are not tied to a membership, they are also sent free of charge.

“The WOW! Offers from eBay often already offer the best price in the market, “explains eBay. “If a buyer finds an offer at one of the defined competitors at a lower price, he will receive a voucher for the price difference of eBay within the framework of the new low price guarantee after verification of the competitor’s offer by eBay customer service. This allows the item to be purchased at the competition price. “EBay asks to contact the telephone support prior to purchasing the product. This compares the offer prices directly on the phone and posts the voucher directly to the customer account.

EBay low price guarantee reaches out to well-known competitors

Among the “defined competitors” is eBay Amazon, Douglas, Notebooksbilliger, Obi, Otto and Zalando. In addition, the eBay item must be identical with the one of the competitor and both products should be available. The eBay low price guarantee applies only to new, unopened items on the WOW! Deals. Exceptions are also comparative offers from third parties via marketplaces, which are operated by the competitors.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available at a price of 555 euros. Numerous other offers are also available.



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