Less beautiful, more robust: The Galaxy S8 Active is unveiled in video

It’s been a while since Samsung built Active versions of its flagship. This video shows us what his latest creation might look like.

In addition to the latest hardware developments, the design of the Galaxy S8 (our test) is particularly successful. This is another reason to protect him, for the latter is nevertheless rather fragile.

The Active version of the latter has been the subject of many rumors for a while. A video leaked on the Internet and gives a glimpse of what the model might look like.

It is recalled that this range is intended for those who are looking for a more resistant version of the device. It has a MIL-STD-810G certification that protects it from water, dust, sand, vibration, thermal shock and solar radiation.

As you can see from these shared pictures on Imgur, the rounded edges disappear although the size of the slab (flat and non-curved) is similar. A polycarbonate shell surrounds the assembly, while the corners are reinforced with metal. Finesse suffers because it is one and a half times wider than the original. We reassure ourselves by saying that it should be much stronger. The on-board battery is 4000 mAh, which gives it an even better range. The whole still works under Android 7.0. The rest of the hardware (RAM, storage …) is similar.

One notes the disappearance of the active button, which made it possible to parameterize an action according to the number of pressures. It is replaced by the Bixby key, only interesting in the United States at the moment. It falls well, this type of model is often exclusive to the operator US AT & T. It should cost a little more, but has enough to attract the most adventurous among us despite its raw look of stripping.



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