O2 throttles data rate abroad due to overload

Sky Ticket with live football for o2 customersO2 throttles data rate abroad – According to one report, o2 currently throttles mobile data rates as part of EU roaming. According to the data, many customers use the Internet abroad more than imagined and create bottlenecks in data supply.

O2 throttles data rate abroad

As the British magazine The Register reports, o2 is currently curbing mobile surfing speeds abroad. Apparently the customers of the company use the mobile data in the EU abroad more than assumed and cause bottlenecks in the data supply.

Since the end of June, the roaming charges within the EU have ceased, many customers can use their tariffs as in the home and access their mobile data on the Internet during their holidays. In the current travel season, many customers seem to make use of the new possibilities.

O2 takes action

Opposite The Register, a spokeswoman for O2 of Great Britain said:

We have taken temporary measures to protect the service experience for customers traveling across the EU. We are working to ensure that these controls can be completed within the coming weeks.

According to the information, the throttling of 0.5 Mbit / s is quite radical. In the British o2 customer forum, users report on these maximum surfing speeds and explain that LTE is not available. Before the throttling, more than 10 Mbit / s and LTE could be used, it is said.



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