WhatsApp is used by one billion users per day with 250 million daily stories

It may not be the best instant messaging service but, with good peace of detractors and supporters of its competitors, no one is able to generate WhatsApp numbers  . The company announced that it had passed another historic milestone.

After reaching billion of monthly users just over a year ago, WhatsApp has reached the impressive share of one billion daily users, with monthly users now reaching 1.3 billion. But the extraordinary numbers do not end here, as there are 55 billion messages exchanged daily, with 4.5 billion images and 1 billion videos.

Even the stories that were not overly enthusiastic, now involve 250 million users a day, a result that clearly exceeds 166 million Snapchat users. Considering that WhatsApp Stories  are not the main function, these are no doubt impressive figures.

As CEO Jan Koum confirms, these figures will serve as a spur to bring new and exciting features, while maintaining the simplicity and security that users expect from WhatsApp .



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