IRobot could sell home user data to Google, Amazon, and Apple

Roomba is one of the most famous brands in the home cleaning industry, with many robots designed to remove dirt from floors even in the most difficult to reach.

Due to the increasingly fierce competition, Roomba’s management could soon change its plans and make new collaborations with major technology companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google.

It seems that the idea is to sell to such giants some of the information about the apartments in which Roomba robots are used, such as their size, furniture distribution, overall surface, lighting level, etc. .

Such data, which at first sight may seem insignificant, would be of great use to these technology giants who would have new databases to better target their advertisements and services to each user according to their actual needs.

IRobot, the company that produces Roomba devices, has assured that it will not sell its users data without their express permission even if, in order to use the official app of such devices, it seems necessary to give consent to the sharing of personal information With various company partners.



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