After Samsung also Apple is about to leave the top 5 of China’s producers

It is not just Samsung that it faces big difficulties in the Chinese market, so long as the South Korean giant has emerged from the top 5. Apple also seems destined to endure the same fate after defeating China in 2016.

After Huawei , OPPO and alive , Xiaomi has also switched over to the Cupertino giant, according to Canalys data on sales figures for the second quarter of 2017. Huawei resists with 23 million units sold in China ahead of OPPO with 21 million, live with 16 million and Xiaomi with 15 million.

Apple may, however, do so in the last quarter when the anticipated iPhone 8 arrives, which could upset the whole market and reaffirm the importance of historic producers.

Moreover, the first 4 brands, all Chinese, sold 75% of the devices, leaving the other companies in the top 10 only the crumbs. After the rapid growth of OPPO and alive, Huawei and Xiaomi seem to have responded with the appropriate contorts and Chinese users are likely to see an absolute dominance of the four brands.



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