Consumer protection: Mobile phone portals become more transparent

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Handyankaufportale – In recent weeks, the consumer center in Brandenburg has increasingly communicated with various mobile phone portals, in some cases issuing warnings and making the portals more informed about the terms of purchase in the future.

Mobile phone portals become more transparent

The market watchdogs of the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg (Brandenburg Consumer Center) have made a total of six mobile phone portals, because they used clauses in their general terms and conditions which were not compatible with applicable law.

This was mainly due to equipment that had been downgraded after receipt at the portals. About the fact that the condition stated in advance by the customer did not correspond to the reality. Although such a practice is basically permissible, the purchase portals partly informed their customers about the correction. If the customers did not respond within a short time, some portals saw the new price as accepted and continued the purchase process.

“Not at all, but among many portals, until recently, it was not made transparent how consumers had to react to a price adjustment,” explains Maike Lück, a lawyer from the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg. “Our goal was to persuade affected portals to make these processes clearer for the consumer. Today we can say: We have come forward. ”

Mobile phone portals with questionable GTC

“As a direct consequence of the warnings, two purchase portals will explicitly point out to consumers that an active monitoring of the buying process is necessary”, explain the market guardians. Another portal lengthened the deadlines after the warning and now gives consumers the opportunity to react to the modified price. Another provider deleted the clause completely from its terms and conditions and now accepts the silence of the customer no longer as consent.

The property clause, which is linked to the silence, which means that the equipment sent automatically is the property of the portals, if the customers did not report, was completely removed in two portals. Two other customers are now explicitly pointing out this passage. “Fortunately, we have been open to the public with most providers, and our criticisms have been implemented to improve transparency for consumers,” says Maike Lück. Talks were held with three other portals and amendments could be introduced.





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