Android O: a small octopus stirs up the trouble about the name of the next version of Android

Last night, Google put online the Developer Preview 4 of Android O, the latest beta of Android 8.0 before its final release. In addition to some software improvements (marginal), this new version contains a new egg egg: an octopus. Or Octopus in English. Is this the name of the next version of Android or a troll from Google?

A story of sweetness

Historically, versions of Android have always followed alphabetical order and have always had names of treats. Android 4.4 K was named Android KitKat, Android 5.0 L was named Lollipop, Android 6.0 M took Marshmallow for name and Android N, Nougat. For Android 8.0 O, the mystery is still entire. And for good reason, there are very few sweets whose name begins with O. Until now, many were speculating on Oreo, surely the best known biscuit with an O.

The O stylized Android O that we had right in the egg egg so far.



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  1. Do you speak French. J’ai un problème avec le Cubot Z100 acheté depuis 2 ou 3 mois.
    Je ne reçois aucune réponse de Cubot. Depuis 2 semaines,toutes les images sont jaunes surtout les visages. Que puis-je faire?

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