Tchibo mobile: Prepaid registration via Tchibo Ident

Tchibo mobile Prepaid registrationTchibo mobile , which has been in force since the beginning of July, meets Tchibo mobile with a new procedure called Tchibo Ident. With this the registration and release can be done directly in the branches of the coffee-maker.

Tchibo mobile prepaid registration

Tchibo Ident has developed a procedure called Tchibo Ident for the registration requirement for prepaid cards, which has been in effect since 1 July 2017. The core of the system is the registration in the branches of the coffee brewer, which does not take longer than the enjoyment of a cup of coffee.

Interested customers can buy the Tchibo mobile prepaid cards on request and directly register them. You will need the form that accompanies the Sim cards and a valid identification document. A co-worker of the coffee-maker then collects the personal data in an app and transmits it to the service provider. The whole process takes only a few minutes, the release takes place within a few hours, it is said.

Tchibo mobile via video and post-ident

Tchibo mobile offers the procedures Video-Ident and Post-Ident as an alternative to customers who can not visit a Tchibo branch in their vicinity or which do not carry a valid ID document.

In the case of the post-identification procedure, the registration must be carried out online or by telephone. The verification of the legitimation takes place subsequently in a branch of the Deutsche Post. The video ident is possible from home and requires an internet connection, a webcam or a smartphone with the appropriate app and an official ID card.

Under the offers of the discounters remain available.




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