WhatsApp Business: new details and images

WhatsApp has been announcing several months ago to be working on new ways to ensure that users can take advantage of this service even in business. This is not to say that WhatsApp will populate spam messages but that users will have the opportunity to decide whether to contact the companies they are clients (just to make an example).

According to what has emerged so far, WhatsApp would be working on a second application called Small and Medium Business, which should soon arrive on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

This would be an application to install if you want to take advantage of WhatsApp’s business features without “damaging” the traditional version of the app so you can use both of them at the same time as you need it.

“Normal” users, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to use the classic version of WhatsApp to communicate with their companies. Thanks to the support for “Structured Messages” (advanced message type that contains a lot of information, such as text, images and translation in the user’s language), communication will be even more complete.

Business users can be verified (if the service team has been able to make the appropriate checks and a green check mark next to the name will appear) and unverified (they will also be able to use all features of the service).

Business users can also count on some special tools such as the ability to know with a counter how many messages have been read and a profile with website address and email.

Waiting to find out more, we’ll give you some screenshots of the new app:

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