Vodafone: GigaKombi customers get instant startup option

Vodafone GigaKombi with instant start optionVodafone customers who opt for the GigaKombi now benefit from a fast-start option and can use their mobile data connection for bridging in the event of an Internet failure.

Vodafone GigaKombi

Within the scope of the Vodafone GigaKombi, the network operator offers attractive advantages when customers combine a mobile radio connection with a DSL or cable contract. Until now, the advantage was mainly in the form of discounts, Vodafone customers also benefit from failures and new deals from the GigaKombi.

Vodafone mobile customers, who book a DSL or cable connection of the provider and combine both contracts with the GigaKombi, can already surf the Internet. This is made possible by an instant start option, which takes effect after the booking. Vodafone is booked for two months each 20 GB on the mobile phone connection, which can be used as a mobile hotspot until the fixed-network tariff is switched on and bridges the waiting time.

Vodafone GigaKombi with instant start option

If the DSL or cable connection fails or a fault occurs, Vodafone also provides an additional mobile data volume so that customers can use their smartphone as a hotspot. Once the malfunction has been detected, 50 GB will be posted, which will be available for a total of 16 days. “WLAN is then in the bridging time over the smartphone,” explains the network operator.

The GigaKombi is available at www.vodafone.de, the new services are now included.

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