Lenovo shows that functional foldable tablets already exist

At a press conference in the United States, Lenovo once again showed a prototype of a foldable tablet. The features of the device are still very basic, but its simple existence proves that smartphone manufacturers are actively working on the subject.

Lenovo Tech World, an event to highlight the products and research of the Chinese manufacturer, allowed Lenovo a few journalists to approach a foldable tablet. The latter is still only a prototype – which was already shown last year by the way – but it already makes it possible to know what the smartphone manufacturers are going to do.

According to the description of the video, this prototype is a 7.8-inch tablet that can be folded in half to transform it into a dual 5.5-inch device. When the unit is folded in two, it is possible to use the two screens on each side. Although this tablet is installed under Android 7.0 Nougat, there seem to be very few applications taking advantage of this fold.

Prototype requires, there is no mention of the marketing of such a tablet. Folding-screen devices are also a true Arlesian mobile technology. We know that manufacturers have been working on them for several years – at Samsung in particular – but for now no mainstream or professional device has ever been introduced. For now, we will content ourselves with simple concepts, like this flexible PC, always at Lenovo, presented only a few weeks ago.



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