Minecraft: DayZ-Mod in Minecraft in three years

McraftZ: DayZ-Mod in three years in Minecraft

The Reddit user Criand has recreated the game world of DayZ almost in the scale 1: 1 in the mini-game Minecraft. An estimated 1,800 hours spread over three years, the project has so far claimed. The game principle was also modeled.

The area of ​​the Minecraft map (dynamic map with zoom) is 15,616 × 14,720 blocks and corresponds to 229.86 km², which is even slightly larger than the original Chernarus from Arma 2 or DayZ with 225 km².

Walkable buildings, zombies and loot

Not only the landscape of the Survival game has been recreated: In addition to DayZ-famous buildings of the ports of Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk, the northern airfields or Devil’s Castle, the modder has also adopted elements of the game principle of DayZ.

As a result, players are spinning on the southern beach as usual and have to fight against zombies or enemy players. In case of injury, bandages or morphine, in case of infection, help antibiotics. Weapons, backpacks, camp fire and tents are also modeled on the Arma-Mod designed by Dean Hall. About 6,570 treasure chests provide for Loot.

Not a perfect copy

The creator admits that compromises had to be made in some places. Thus the mountain regions are flatter, as not all buildings could be placed in the adjoining flat regions. Green Mountain and Devil’s Castle were also no exact replicas and rock information in the North East were initially completely omitted. In addition, some of the cars automatically generated with WorldPainter are supposed to float in the air.

MCZ server is ready to follow release for all

Criand is considering a release of Minecraft DayZ respectively McraftZ or MCZ over Planet Minecraft later this year. Then the card should be freely usable for everyone. Anyone who already wants to take a trip to the blocky Chernarus and own minecraft can do this via the server play.mcraftz.com . Additional mods are not needed for this.



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