Windows 10 Fall Creators Update killed Paint?

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Has Killed Paint?

For many Paint it was the first program to draw on the PC although it can not be said that it was the best graphics software available on the market. Even free alternatives were many but Paint was always used despite everything. Until a few hours ago it was thought that very soon this little piece of computer history would disappear forever. Fear was born because of Microsoft’s announcement about a list of software that will be deleted or will no longer be supported by the arrival of September 10 of the Windows 10 update known as the Fall Creators Update. Among them are Paint, but also Outlook Express, “Reader” and “Read Directory”. Additionally, the Timeline feature is not expected to be upgraded,

Paint was always the younger brother of Photoshop, but despite his gaps he still had some follow-up, so many have used it to make small works of art starting from a rather limited set of functions. The software came in 1985 with Windows 1.0 under the name PaintBrush and remained substantially identical to the arrival of Windows 98. With the arrival of this OS version of Microsoft it was finally possible to save the images in jpg. Paint was then improved with Windows 7 but it was not a deep restyling but just some adjustment.

The same Microsoft has nevertheless confirmed that the graphics program strictly connected to Windows will not disappear, but will simply be moved within the Windows Store in free form. The new 3D Paint, which allows you to create 3D images, will remain a parallel project.



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