Sparhandy: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) with attractive LTE rates

Sparhandy Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) – The Samsung Smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus can be booked together with attractive LTE tariffs at Sparhandy’s Onlineshop. The two devices are available among other things with offers in the network of Vodafone and o2.

Sparhandy Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

In the online shop of Sparhandy, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, can be booked for a short time at the promotional rate. Sparhandy combines the devices within the “Samsung Transfer Week” with different tariffs, some including LTE. In addition, a cashback of up to € 100 will be announced.

The two Samsung models are among other things available together with the o2 Free M action, which together with the smartphone costs 34.99 euros per month and a voice and SMS flat, a mobile data sheet with 4 GB and LTE speeds of up to 225 Mbit / s and an EU Roaming Flat. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is included in this bundle for a unique 79 euros.

Sparhandy LTE rates

In the network of Vodafone, the Smart L can be booked for 39.99 euros per month. The tariff contains a voice and SMS Flat in all German networks as well as a mobile data sheet with 2 GB and maximum LTE speeds of 375 Mbps. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus costs only 1 euro. Further tariffs can be provided on request, some with and without LTE or especially for young people.

In addition, Sparhandy donates a hand of up to € 100 for customers who give an old mobile phone in payment. In addition to the purchase value, customers can also secure an additional cashback between € 10 and € 100 if they contact Sparhandy by email after successful completion of the purchase. The amount of the cashback depends on the purchase value.




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