IPhone SE: Improved new edition planned for this year

Apple iPhone SEIPhone SE Reissue 2017 – The Apple iPhone SE with 4-inch screen launched in Germany at the end of March 2016 at the introductory price of 489 euros for the 16 GB version. According to rumors, Apple is planning a new edition with better performance and equipment this year, possibly already in August.

IPhone SE 2017 planned?

A few days ago analyst Pan Jiutang said that Apple is not planning a successor to the small iPhone SE. On the China platform Weibo, Pan Jiutang had published a corresponding forecast, according to which the iPhone SE will be unique.

In a recent report by Geeky Gadgets however, a reissue of the iPhone SE is reported in August. According to this, the iPhone SE 2017 should retain its previous appearance, but be better equipped.

Price could be lower

The new version of iPhone SE could also be launched at a lower price, it says. The design is to orientate itself on the iPhone 5s, only the integrated chipset probably changes. Supposedly Apple will use the A10 Proezssor for the new iPhone SE. The A10 chip does its work also in the iPhone 7. In the iPhone SE from 2016 ensures the Apple A9 for the drive.

Otherwise the equipment should be the same as the older iPhone SE same. The new chip could boast 2 gigabytes of memory and, depending on the version, 32- 128 gigabytes of flash memory should be installed. As a main camera comes a 12-megapixel camera according to the report. The iPhone SE (2017) in the smallest memory variant will cost 399 euros, after all, 90 euros cheaper than the current basic version of the iPhone SE (2016). Whether it is actually an iPhone SE únd will also give with more favorable price in August, the next few weeks will show.



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