Netflix is amongst the most unprofitable apps

The growth of subscriptions announced last week by Netflix has also become apparent in application stores, where the popular video streaming service has seen increased number of downloads.

According to a recent report by Sensor Tower , in the second quarter of 2017, Netflix posted a  233% increase  in sales  compared to the same period last year ($ 153 million vs. $ 46 million in 2016).

In Q2 2017, Netflix saw a rise in its audience of 5.2 million new subscribers, more than 3 million more than expected. As a natural consequence of this success, second-quarter revenue was also higher than the streaming service team, with a 32% increase ($ 2.79 billion).

On App Store Netflix has become the app that can generate more profits (excluding games) while the Play Store is ranked seventh in this special ranking:

In essence, the team of this popular streaming service has to be pleased.



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