Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 approach Apple in in-app purchases for mobile games

It is common knowledge that mobile game developers often pay more attention to iOS than Android , as first-platform users seem more inclined than Google’s counterparts to spend money to buy quality applications. A new search, however, shows that something is changing .

DeltaDNA has conducted a study to investigate conversion rates on some Samsung and Google branded Android devices over iPhones, and has garnered results, both in terms of percentage of in-app purchasing users, and considering the average payout for active users Daily average ( ARPAU ): Observing the table it is known that the two operating systems have quite similar results.

In particular, both the smaller version and the larger display of the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel , some of the best Android devices, have been considered. You can see that especially S8 + Galaxy far exceeds all others: it is a fact that is not surprising, given that the mix of technical characteristics, rapid charging and large display draws no doubt many gamers hardened . To a lesser extent, the same reasoning applies to other Android smartphones.

The study involved about one and a half million US mobile gaming accounts during last June. It seems that Android is finally achieving iOS results: the data makes good hope for the future development of increasingly enjoyable titles.



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