Fairphone stops supporting the first ethical smartphone and easily repaired

Fairphone, the European smartphone manufacturer that has made ethics and solidarity its mission (remember that some of the company’s profits are intended to fund activities to improve the working conditions of physically building smartphones), announced The end of the support for Fairphone 1.

It is the first device marketed by the company, sold in three games between the end of 2013, May 2014 and February 2015. Fairphone has always stated that one of the company’s goals is to guarantee its longevity hardware and software products, making smartphones easily Repaired and kept up to date, but the reality of the facts says Fairphone 1 owners only had between two and three and a half years of support.

On the company’s official blog, founder Bas van Abel has said the company can no longer afford to spend resources to continue supporting Fairphone 1: this means that the development of the update to Android Kitkat 4.4 promised even in June 2016 was Discontinued and that the company will stop marketing replacement parts for the smartphone. A bitter but necessary decision, according to Van Abel’s words.

The reactions of users, which were disappointed by Fairphone’s behavior, have not been missed as perceived by the company as accusing the company of behaving exactly like the other producers and not having kept the promises made to the users at the time of purchase. We’ll see if for Fairphone 2 updates will be guaranteed longer.



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