WhatsApp intends to monetize from the application, thanks to the business market

After an initial period when the application was paid, only on some platforms including Android, WhatsApp  has become a free application for everyone. Despite this, many chains in Sant’Antonio tried to anticipate the return of a regular fee, helping to increase confusion among users.

It is, however, assumed that Facebook, the owner of the application, wants to monetize, exploiting the tremendous popularity of WhatsApp. It has created a bit of confusion in the company listing that is looking into Product Manager for monetization: some users thought it might be a return to the annual fee, but reading the ad in the detail we understand that things are different.

WhatsApp is looking for an extraordinary person who can drive product development for our monetization efforts. [The candidate] needs to have a strong orientation for action, wants to understand and unlock WhatsApp’s potential to meet the needs of millions of activities. “

It’s just the last words to clarify the situation: monetization will take place thanks to the companies that will use WhatsApp as a tool to support the users and for the possible delivery of commercial offers.



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