Do not you know how to recycle an old interphone? Give it to Google Assistant

Do not you know what to do with an old interphone like the one shown on the cover? With a bit inventive and not too much manual, the YouTube user Martin Mander managed to give it a glimpse and make it similar to a Google Home : all with a Raspberry Pi and a kit attached to a number of MagiPi magazine ( The 57 to be precise)

As you can see, it was enough to have a white paint hand and some little touch to remove that “old” air from a Radio Shack Intercom in the 80s; Unfortunately, at least for the time being, the voice command “Ok Google” and Google Cast do not work, but you can call up Google Assistant by pressing a button.

Once this is done, a LED lights up in the upper left corner (second photo), indicating that the virtual assistant is listening: after asking a question this will respond as Google Home. You can see how it works in the video below.

The entire project has been completed within a month and the result, despite the limitations, does not look bad; Unfortunately it seems that magazine number 57 is now quite difficult to find, but if you want to browse, you can try eBay, where some of them are sold for “swinging” figures.

How do you think the ” 1986 Google Pi Intercom” built by Martin Mander? Would you like to be able to do this? If you want to know more you can go here.



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