Thanks to a nanomaterial we can charge the batteries in seconds

Most of the innovations related to battery recharge pass for  supercondensers . This, however, implies the abandonment by battery manufacturers of current technologies and all the  know-how accumulated over the years.

The solution proposed by researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia, on the other hand, is far less fantasy-scientific than some of the solutions seen in the past and can be implemented in a simpler way. Thanks to a new nanomaterials called MXene, it is possible to achieve extremely low charging times using traditional chemical batteries.

The structure of the electrodes in MXene adopts a nearly two-dimensional design with a metal oxide sandwich and a hydrogel to create an extremely conductive structure, but which guarantees a great freedom of ions to recharge the battery.

In the first tests, MXde electrodes were recharged in a few milliseconds, so smartphone batteries should load in seconds. As always, however, mass production of this type of technology has to be expected, but the fact that it can be used with traditional chemical batteries is hoping, given that current manufacturers should only adapt production technologies and not completely overturn them.

Are they really getting the batteries that they charge in less than a minute?



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