WhatsApp with Android 8.0 with “picture-in-picture” feature on videos

Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp videos with picture-in-picture – Just a few days ago the WhatsApp-specialized Leaker WABetaInfo had discovered a new function in a beta version for iOS. For iPhones with a sufficiently large display, videos can be played directly in Messenger and a “picture-in-picture” function can be used. Similarly, with YouTube support, this feature might soon be available to Android users.

WhatsApp: “picture-in-picture” for videos

As with the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, the WABetaInfo Leaker has now also discovered the new feature for Android users in a current Android beta and announced on Twitter.

“WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.265: as announced, WhatsApp now supports PiP for video calls on Android O (8.0)! Enabled by default! “Tweetet WABetaInfo. According to this, WhatsApp is currently testing the picture-in-picture function. To make sure that videos can be displayed simultaneously (chat screen), the screen must be large enough. YouTube videos can now be played, but they have to be “invited” into the chat and can not refer to a third-party platform through a link. With the new feature, it is no longer necessary to leave the messenger to see a video.

Picture-in-picture only available from Android 8.0

Just like Apple iOS users, Android users will probably not be able to use the new “picture-in-picture” feature for the time being. For iPhones is a large display as with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus prerequisite and for all Android smartphones, the YouTube support will be possible with the new Android version 8.0.

Android 8.0 is still being developed by Google, a release is expected in a few months. In addition, Android 8.0 will initially only be installed on new smartphone and updates are as usual first intended for Google smartphones.



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