LinkedIn Lite: The app to find work in 1MB

It’s called ” LinkedIn Lite: 1 MB Only. Jobs, Contacts, News “and is a new version of the popular application dedicated to those who want to offer their professional figure or who is looking for collaborators.

As its name suggests, this is a version of LinkedIn designed for emerging markets: given its just 1 MB weight, it should be able to spread even in countries where no highly performing smartphones are available Networks fast.

Developed initially as a mobile site for India, LinkedIn Lite can provide faster download up to 80% compared to the traditional version of the app (the page loads in less than 5 seconds), all without giving up To its main features such as messages, notifications, news, and networks.

Currently LinkedIn Lite is only available in India but should soon be extended to dozens of other countries. The app can also be downloaded from APK Mirror.



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