We live in the future: Atari brings baseball caps with speakers

A few days ago, the new trailer for Blade Runner 2049 has appeared and who has seen him, as I have, felt 9001 times, the Atari logo will have noticed. The former gambler obviously sponsors the film to push the advertising drum for his new console and is now pushing something: the Atari Speakerhat. A baseball cap with two speakers.

They are in the part in which I would have least expected it at the front. The company Audiowear manufactures the caps for Atari and has developed their own loudspeakers with which you can connect to each device via Bluetooth. A microphone is of course also installed and the current refer the devices from a rechargeable battery. Basically everything is as with portable Bluetooth speakers.

A nice feature is also Social Synchronous Broadcast, as it calls Audiowear. This means that several speakers simultaneously play the same music. Looks a little stranger, if there is a group of people with the same Atari-hats, but there will certainly be more models in the future. A certain fun factor can not be denied the speakerhats.

The cap is the first product from the Ataris Connected Life collection, which presumably means that there will soon be more or less smart wearables, such as Levi’s jackets, which are created in collaboration with Google.

The on / off switch on the back and the battery light LED (source: Atari Interactive)

At the moment, the marketing code sent as a beta test is currently running, which you can login to under this link. With luck, you are one of the ten lucky ones who get a 300-dollar bag with a speaker, a shirt and an Atari game collection for modern consoles.

And in order to play the ball back to Blade Runner 2049, Audiowear, in cooperation with NECA, is releasing a Limited Edition of the Speakerhats to the film. The cap appears to be around the start date of the film around October 5th.



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