PADIT: a skateboard connected allows skaters to improve their tricks

On Friday, July 7th, the AudacityWeek # 2017 edition of Paris was held in Paris, the challenge of ISCOM Paris to create its startup in a week. The jury has dedicated PADIT, a connected pad that attaches itself under a skateboard to improve the skaters’ performance.

A module to better appreciate skate competitions

This connected pad is fixed under the skateboard. Equipped with sensors, it will record all the movements of the skate, as well as the height and the speed, in order to provide insights and instant feedback on movements, skaters and juries during a competition, via a mobile application . By providing data as well as 3D modeling of movements, PADIT allows skaters to improve their tricks and thus their performance.

It also facilitates the learning of a discipline which has enjoyed a high level of enthusiasm among newcomers and the general public, especially since its recent announcement as an Olympic discipline at the 2020 Olympic Games.

We are pleased to have won this last competition with a project that really holds our heart, and on which we have worked with our skills and our guts! We are very grateful to Jean Marc Rejaud (FIT) for coaching us and pushing us into our entrenchments to give us the best; To Eve Chegaray (BFM Business) who helped us in the best way to present our ideas; And of course to ISCOM which gave us the opportunity to develop our project through Audacity Week. We are going to need support and we will start mobilizing our network in the coming weeks to launch PADIT. Business to follow! Explains Coralie Cazalé, project manager and spokesman for the PADIT team.

PADIT was competing with four other startups:

  • Harvest , a smart stalking app that allows you to group all the information we leave on social networks on the same profile. Ideal for those who want to know as much as possible about a future employer or a future boyfriend, before meeting him “for real”.
  • Dis Tanguy , a platform that allows students to easily manage all their administrative procedures, especially in terms of housing.
  • Dump it , a biodegradable transparent cup, containing seeds for replanting and targeting the Festivals market.
  • SOS , an application that optimizes the emergency warning system and therefore reduces the time needed for emergency response.

For more information, visit the Audacity Week blog.



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