Lebara Mobile Prepaid Data Pack – 20 GB for 49.99 Euro

Lebara Mobile Flexi XL5Lebara Mobile Mega data package – the ethno-discounter Lebara Mobile is the first prepaid provider in Germany to offer a prepaid data packet with 20 GB. The Mega data package can be booked to all Lebara mobile tariffs.

Lebara data pack with 20 GB

Lebara Mobile has expanded its portfolio with a data option of 20 GB. The data option is offered at a price of 49.99 euros and has a term of 4 weeks. Up to now, Lebara Mobile had various data packages with up to 10 GB in the offer.

The Mega data packet is suitable for users who need high-volume data volumes in the short term. Apart from tourists, the target group includes seasonal workers and trade fair visitors. Even residential communities can share the large data packet in the telecom network via mobile hotspot.

Lebara Data20GB Option booking

To book the new Data20GB data option, customers with Lebara Mobile SIM card only have to send the text ” DATA20GB ” to the speed dial 55255 . Without a booked data packet, 19 cents per MB are calculated at Lebara Mobile, while the maximum bandwidth is 7.2 Mbit / s in the Telekom 3G network.

“We now offer the largest prepaid data package in Germany, setting new standards in the entire German prepaid market,” emphasizes Matthias Engelke, Country Director at Lebara Germany Ltd .: “Only with the new Lebara data package, customers can
maximally surf without A contractual relationship. “

In addition to the new mega data package, the prepaid discounter has further data packages in the portfolio. Data packages are offered with 500 MB (7.99 Euro), 1 GB (9.99 Euro), 3 GB (14.99 Euro), 5 GB (19.99 Euro) and 10 GB (29.99 Euro). If the data volume is exhausted, additional data volumes can be booked as often as required at the following prices:

  • 100 MB for 1.99 euros
  • 1 GB for 4.99 euros
  • 3 GB for 9,99 Euro
  • 5 GB for 14.99 Euro
  • 10 GB for 19,99 Euro




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