Apple could launch a new iPhone SE at less than 400 euros from here at the end of the year

The end of the year promises to be busy for Apple. In addition to the new iPhone 7S and the iPhone 8, it is now whispering that Apple would think about releasing a new iPhone SE at less than 400 euros. The latter would complement the range of iPhone from the bottom, offering a small 4-inch device for those who would not pay half a SMIC in a phone quality.

This rumor comes from the French site iGeneration that wonders what future Apple reserves for its small smartphone of 4 inches. Released in 2015, it is now regarded as an “entry-level” iPhone since its price regularly falls below 400 euros at the discretion of various promotions organized by merchant sites.

An announcement next August to announce a new iPhone SE?

The French site reports that one of its sources told him that Apple will hold not one but two press conferences this year to announce the iPhone 2017. The first would be held “at the end of August” Like Samsung, coincidentally? I do not think) and the second in October. For the first, iGeneration indicates that it will be the occasion to announce ” the presentation of an affordable iPhone” type SE “. He adds: ” The most interesting aspect is its price” canon “: this device would cost 399 € (instead of 489 € currently) “. The second press conference will concentrate on the other hand on the new iPhone, namely the iPhone 7S and iPhone 8.

However, our colleagues are very cautious and say that we must take all this with tweezers. Especially since Chinese analysts agree that smartphone buyers currently prefer big screen smartphones (more than 5 inches) and that the demand for small devices would be declining.

Anyway, an update to the iPhone SE would be great news. It is not only a very good smartphone, powerful and equipped with an excellent camera, but it is also one of the last representatives of small smartphones that does not sacrifice its technical sheet on the altar of smallness.



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