Even Facebook would be working on a modular smartphone

It’s not just Google having a secret department that works on particularly innovative products: there is evidence of the existence of Facebook Building 8 , led by Regina Dugan. If the name does not seem new to you, it’s the former director of DARPA and Google ATAP, the lab that has developed the modular smartphone Project Ara , a project left by the Mountain View giant.

So it seems that Facebook is also working on a modular smartphone project, as evidenced by a patent issued today on a modular electromagnetic device. The purpose of the device would be to provide a device that solves obsolescence problems through interchangeable modules.

It is still unclear whether Facebook is only assessing the feasibility of a modular smartphone or whether it already has a concrete project on which it is already working. What is certain is that the social network giant has secured some prominent personalities for this project, such as Regina Dugan , who was working on a computer-controllable computer, without forgetting Bernard Richardson, who has already contributed to the development of Amazon Echo.

To corroborate the hypothesis of a modular device is the fact that many former Project Ara team employees are now working on Facebook’s Building 8. The patented technology would be developed by the startup Nascent Objects , acquired last year by Zuckerberg’s company.



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