In the United States, OnePlus 5 crashes if you call 911

Update: OnePlus responded by stating that they found the solution to the problem.

We started releasing an update. The date of availability may vary from country to country. We encourage OnePlus 5 users to download this update. If users have not received notification, they can go to check in settings> updates.

The OnePlus 5 is a very good phone, but it has accumulated worries since its release last month. This is still very annoying, since it restarts when you dial 911, the emergency number in the United States.

“Hello Pol … Hello? “

Several US Reddit users have noticed that when the 911 number was dialed, the phone rebooted, ending the conversation and rebooting. A bug filmed by Nick Morrelli.

Needless to say, it is painful, even dangerous. Indeed, the 911 is an emergency number and it would be truly dramatic that the smartphone reboots in full conversation with police or firefighters in a complicated situation.

As explained by the Dextergenius user, this bug may be a malfunction of the GPS, the one activated automatically during a call of this type (so that the rescue can locate you). But it could just as well be something else.

Comment from discussion [PSA] Dialling 911 may reboot your OnePlus 5 (x-post from /r/OnePlus).


OnePlus says working on the problem to fix it as quickly as possible. For the moment, this problem seems to concern only the United States.



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