Here are the Google Pixel 2 … almost

Google Pixel has not been released in France. But Pixel 2 could take the plunge. We are only a few months away from the presentation of the smartphone by the Californian brand and some fans had fun imagining what these new terminals might look like.

A real-fake Pixel 2

The YouTube Concept Creator channel had fun creating the 3D smartphone based on recent leaks from Google. Regarding the XL model designed by LG, the chain has therefore taken back the two-color back, but also the 6-inch screen almost without borders.

For the rest, the designers have appealed to their imagination, having fun guessing the design of the future smartphone from Google ..

In any case, the video gives envy and could finally show itself very close to the end result. We will know more in October, when Google should unveil its terminals.



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