IPhone 8: Picture with touch ID on back dipped

iPhone 8 Touch ID Bild SlashleaksIPhone 8 Touch ID Back – The Apple Jubilee iPhone, iPhone 8, will probably be shown to the public for the first time at the September Keynote. The placement of the fingerprint sensor is still puzzling. A leaked image of the housing shell provides information on where Apple Touch ID could integrate.

IPhone 8: Touch ID on back?

Certain iPhone 8 components, including the fingerprint sensor placement and OLED display manufacturing, are reportedly causing problems. Apparently Apple will install the Touch ID security feature on the back of the iPhone 8.

A photo of Slashleaks released photo is to show the case of the iPhone 8. The picture shows a recess under the Apple logo. It is assumed that this round aperture is intended for the fingerprint sensor.

Recess of the dual camera.

It could actually be a housing shell for the iPhone 8, because a recess for a two-camera (dual camera) is clearly recognizable. The dual camera is, as has often been assumed, arranged vertically.

Despite contradictory statements and known manufacturing problems, Apple seems to introduce the iPhone 8 on time in September. In small numbers, the smartphone is also available shortly after the launch, reports Appleinsider. Everything is going to be “normal” by Christmas. The website refers to statements by analyst JP Morgan. Cover Image Slashleaks.



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