Samsung wants to recover as much precious metals from the Galaxy Note 7

The South Korean automaker wants to recycle the returned Galaxy Note 7 to recover the precious metals that it composes, gold, copper, silver, lithium and as many scarce resources.

After the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7 and its billions of dollars of losses (2.7 billion euros), there are no small savings for Samsung. The firm plans to recycle the millions of smartphones that were returned to it – between 4.3 million Galaxy Note 7 – except for those that have been repackaged and sold to the fans of the terminal.

Hunting with precious metals

The others, on the other hand, will be cut to extract gold, silver, copper, lithium, lead, nickel and other precious (and sometimes polluting) materials that now make up most mobile terminals. The ecological disaster will not be added to the financial disaster for Samsung.

Ecology has become a challenge for high-tech companies: they are regularly accused of scheduled obsolescence when they are not criticized for the use of these metals, whose extraction, ravaging in environmental terms, is carried out in Mines where many children work. The exchange is therefore given on the ecology, recycling and reconditioning.

157 tonnes expected

Last April, Apple announced its intention to reduce its carbon footprint with the goal of reaching 100% recycled products, while promoting its future Apple Park, ” the most environmentally friendly company headquarters on the planet “. Google is not outdone with its future eco friendly London ship .
Samsung therefore does not escape the rule especially since the resources used are not infinite. OLED displays, memory chips and cameras will be recycled. The firm intends to recover nearly 157 tonnes of materials in this process.



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