Dark and Light: Snail Games makes ARK: Survival Evolved competition

Dark and Light: Snail Games makes ARK: Survival Evolved competition

The MMORPG Dark and Light, which was set up almost ten years ago, celebrates a resurrection or rather a new beginning. Snail Games is developing the new edition, which is available today in Steam’s Early Access program. Currently, the fantasy story is packed with survival elements in a sandbox style.

The developers describe the new Dark and Light as a ” huge sandbox RPG in a world dominated by powerful elemental forces .” The original has no much in common with the original, because ” every aspect ” of the game is ” redesigned, new Edited and updated “. Because of the inglorious prehistory, a distancing from the predecessor is understandable, although the stained name, which is already forgotten by many but perhaps already forgotten.

Snail Games is self-confident at the price and calls for an early access status of around 28 Euro on Steam. Only for the introduction is the price reduced by 17 per cent to around 23 euros.

Survival against elements and creatures of the night

Alone in the wilderness of the Gaia game world, it is first necessary to explore the area, to find and develop resources. Survival elements and tame creatures as well as the crafting and the possibility to erect buildings at almost any location remind strongly to ARK: Survival Evolved, which leaves the early access phase in a few weeks. Also some creatures are reminiscent of ARK, although Snail Games primarily serves the fantasy rather than the relation to primeval beings of the real world.

One reason for maintaining the name should be an essential element of the game: in daylight the Planet Archos is a peaceful place, but in the darkness of the night chaos prevails and a ” bloodthirsty frenzy ” among domestic creatures. In the phases of the darkness, players must not only protect the elements that characterize the playing world. From floating islands and forests to marshes and icy mountains to volcanic regions and deep ravines, the “Biome” will vary.

In addition to mystic creatures such as dragons, unicorns and goblins, magic determines the scenery. In the course of the game, ” dozens of magical abilities ” are to be learned, which serve not only to survive, but also to fight enemies or to create objects. Weapons and equipment are also created with magic. Creatures possess magical abilities and can be hunted or tamed.

Alone or together in an open world

Like ARK: Survival Evolved, Dark and Light is not a pure MMO and according to the description also offers a single player mode. The focus is on cooperative gameplay. The association is to pay special attention to one of the three main areas of survival, exploration and struggle. This is particularly important in group combat and provides a significant advantage in ” large-scale battles “. Players choose one of three main cities and one of three factions.

CPU core and GTX 1070 are recommended

The graphics in the trailer is quite handsome. This in turn means hardware hunger. Snail Games recommends at least one Core i7-5820K (Haswell E) with six CPU cores, 16 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 1070 or a faster graphics card. The minimum requirements are much more modest with Core i5-2500K (4 cores, Sandy Bridge), 4 GB of RAM and GTX 660, but they are also likely to require significant reductions in quality settings. The installation of the game files requires 50 GB of hard disk space.

Dark and Light failed 10 years ago as MMORPG

The MMORPG Dark and Light has already existed: Originally developed by NPCube and published by Farlan Entertainment the game with a trailer, which for the time promised innovative gameplay and the biggest game world, already on the E3 2004 for a look.

Although the game still lacked various promised content and numerous bugs were available, the publication followed in 2006. The makers established the step with pressure from investors and community. Due to the unfinished and faulty appearance, the reception of the games media was crushing despite promising approaches. In 2008, the servers were shut down and Dark and Light disappeared from the scene.

The contact with today’s developer Snail Games was already given then. For Snail Games, in addition to the distribution in China, took over tasks for the graphic improvement.

Snail Games also develops ARK Park

An MMORPG with survival, tame creatures, various skills, crafting and building – all this has Dark and Light in common with ARK: Survival Evolved. With the ARK developers, Snail Games already has close contact, the VR offshoot ARK Park in cooperation with Studio Wildcard.



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