IPhone 8: new phone rumors confirm the rumors of a beautiful borderless smartphone

Several US sites have released yesterday new 3D renderings of the future Apple iPhone 8. These new images come in fact from “sources linked to the production lines of Apple” that could recover a manufacturer of hulls. And if they are no longer truly spectacular, they nevertheless confirm once the rumors surrounding the design of the device.

According to a blogger from Forbes and the American site BGR, here is what the iPhone 8 will look like. It is a smartphone whose screen takes up most of the facade, except for a small part From the top of the phone, occupied by a plastic part including the loudspeaker, the front camera and the various sensors.

The back of the phone, which is assumed to be made of glass, will include a dual photo sensor oriented vertically. This layout was chosen by Apple as it enhanced the augmented reality of the phone. The iPhone 8 should indeed offer applications of augmented reality, which we already know more or less with the ARKit. It will also be noted that this photo module still exceeds much of the shell of the phone.

But where was Apple able to integrate its fingerprint sensor?

If these new images are credible, they leave an important question in suspense: where is Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone? In recent months, there have been many rumors that Apple, like Samsung, has failed to integrate a fingerprint sensor directly into the phones of its phones. The optimists believe that Apple would have integrated it into the phone’s power button, located on the right side of the phone. But it is just as likely that Apple does not integrate fingerprints at all and is content with a simple facial recognition. This would be a true turning back for a device that wants to be the pinnacle of Apple’s technological know-how.

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We will have the answer during the month of next September, when Apple will probably hold its traditional conference announcement of its new smartphones. Three iPhone should be unveiled: iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and of course the iPhone 8 or iPhone Anniversary, in reference to the 10 years of the brand. More than two months to hold.



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