The first Legendary Raid of Pokémon GO will be held on Saturday in Chicago

Great news for all fans GO Pokémon , which are long-standing or introduced to the game by the recent news . Saturday, at the GO Fest Pokémon to be held in Chicago, will take place the first Legendary Raid Battle, during which participants will make their first encounter with a legendary Pokémon.

If players manage to defeat the monster, the next day all the players GO Pokémon will begin to participate in the Raid Legendary Battles and capturing in turn the Legendary Pokémon that will be introduced in the game. The confirmation came directly from Niantic , who explained the mechanism by which you can catch the rarest monsters of legend.

You will need to find other coaches with whom an alliance to defeat the legendary Pokémon present in gyms. We will have the chance to get the legendary eggs from which to give birth to one of the most coveted monsters. But it is not clear whether the latter can be used in the game or you will have to make the best impression of themselves in the Pokédex .




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