IPhone 8 only available in small quantities from September

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IPhone only in small numbers – Because of alleged problems in the manufacture of certain iPhone 8 components, is not sure whether Apple is creating new flagship model to launch on time in September. Some time ago, it was still assumed that the jubilee iPhone is only a few weeks later. A small piece could still start on time.

IPhone 8: New information about the start in the trade

Just under a week ago CNBC reported that the market launch of the Apple iPhone 8 will be postponed by several weeks. Although the report did not provide precise information for the reason, there are probably problems with the production of special features such as the Touch ID and the OLED display.

Although Apple has often presented new devices, but these then only weeks later commercialized. Nevertheless, an analyst assumes that already in September iPhone 8 devices will be available.

Some copies are expected to be available in September

According to a report from Appleinsider, the Apple iPhone 8 according to the analyst J.P. Morgan will be purchased in September. At least in small numbers, the speech here is about two million units. Again, problems which are not described in more detail are given here. However, the OLED problem and Touch ID are not excluded. The “bumpy” markstart is to change however over time and at the latest to the Christmas business everything should run normally.

According to rumors, the iPhone 8 is significantly more expensive than its predecessors, of course also because of the special features and the completely new revision. Whether Apple’s fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button, a photo of the protective sleeve manufacturer Nodus 3D suspects. According to Forbes, the manufacturer has already received model plans from the iPhone 8 and a photo shows an unusually large powerbutton.


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