LastPass Families, the family password manager

That the app password manager is a category that is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the enormous growth of Web services: the more passwords that we have to manage, in fact, the greater the need to have an application that makes ” the dirty work “for us.

LastPass is one of the most popular solutions in this field, ensuring users have access to all your passwords and making them accessible on any device thanks to support for major platforms.

To make the service more complete, the development team decided to launch LastPass Families , features for purchase that will support more users (just like a family). With LastPass Families will be able to share banking credentials, passports and various accounts with all members of the group or even with some of them (creating special categories and managing access).

Families LastPass is limited to 6 people and those who buy the service automatically becomes the administrator of the group. Users Premium will be able to try it for free for six months . For more information please consult the official website.

LastPass for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

Android app on Google Play



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