Suspension of the license up to 6 months for those who use the phone to guide

Driving license suspended up to 3 months for those who is pinched to the guide while using the smartphone or other electronic device, since the first sanction; if their disease is doubled, reaching 6 months. This according to the new amendment approved yesterday by the president of the Transport Commission of the House bill on changes to ‘ Article 173 of the Highway Code .

The amendment then goes to modify the original measure which provided for the suspension of only the second infringement detected within two years; according to the Parliamentary Assembly of the PD Michele Meta This is aimed at ” solving the hateful and dangerous habit of Italians to use the mobile phone at the wheel.”

It also agrees Riccardo Nencini , Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, which holds as it was ” only right to take a tougher stance to limit the use of smart phones and electronic devices, today’s leading cause of death and injury on the roads .”

In addition to the immediate suspension of the license, the new hard-line provides for the doubling of penalties , of up to 1294 € (2588 € for the second time), and the deduction of 5 points for the first time and 10 the second.

Do you agree with this more stringent penalties for those who use the phone while driving?



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